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Computer monitoring and control system adopts Siemens industrial computer and S7-300 series PLC. This system has high pressure, brake, the furnace control, water system, hydraulic system control, and other functions. Keyboard input realizes automatic display, control, memory, and automatic diagnosis function; Siemens PLC, man-machine interface combination system, graphical operating system, has the breakdown self check function can monitor electric furnace operating parameters, including water system operation monitoring, hydraulic system operation monitoring, reactor operation monitoring and high pressure systems, transformers, power consumption, the work of the induction coil temperature such as monitoring and alarm information.

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It candisplay, control and record the furnace operation condition, etc. With the laser printer and UPS power supply. System with the alarm information and energy automatically records can be stored for half a year. Monitor screen uses WINcc system, it adopts open programming, can be set password management, but the password need to hand in our management personnel management, monitoring of the need for energy management, power consumption, and automatically record smelting and can call, print any time of record energy consumption. PLC has 10% of the redundancy, which will be convenient access control system integration of the needs in the future.

The production report form should be designed in PLC system as per user requirement. And the energy consumption data can be collected from power supply cabinet. This PLC should make record of each checking data of temp. and time for each batch. The remote controller should have dusty protection.

The company will further rely on science and technology, through grafting, introduction, learning from others, creating new products, and dedicated service, and can design special heating and smelting equipment for customers with special requirements to meet the needs of various users.

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