How To Repair The Copper Coil Penetration Of The Medium Frequency Furnace?

The intermediate frequency fumace body consists of 4 main parts: furnace shell, induction coil, lining and tilting furnace. The furnace shell is made of non-magnetic material, and the induction coil is made of spiral hollow cylinder by a rectangular hollow copper tube. The copper outlet of the coil is connected with the water-cooled cable, and the lining is close to the induction coil, and the tilting of the furnace body is directly driven by the tilting furnace reduction gearbox. Because of technological or operational reasons, sometimes copper bars are burned by molten iron, resulting in thermal shutdown.

When the intermediate frequency furnace of a company was used, many times the copper bar was burnt out. There are two main reasons: one is the inadvertent operation of the pouring of the furnace or the short of the mouth of the furnace, the splash iron is attached to the copper row to make it burn through; and the other one is that after the lining is burned, the spillover of the molten iron causes the copper to burn through.

After the copper row bums, the cooling water will overflow and must be repaired immediately. Because the copper bar is installed in the furnace shell, it is difficult to weld and repair. Disassamble and take copper coil out when repairing.In the past, the process of copper discharge repair is: dumping furnace iron liquid, stopping furnace, cooling, removing furnace lining, removing copper row, copper discharge welding, installing copper row, building new lining, baking furnace and opening furnace.

This repair method wastes at least one lining, three working shift hours, and more electricity.
This paper introduces a method of repairing copper bar by sticking and repairing method, which is more energy saving and time saving.

For the first reason the copper bar is burnt out: the furnace should be temporarily stopped. At the same time, the 1 ~ 2mm thick copper pieces cut into small pieces, and the area should be slightly larger than the area of the copper burnish cracking. Then the residue of the copper row cleared with the saw blade or hand grinding wheel, and use the sand paper to clean it, and the fixed epoxy resin and the curing agent are mixed quickly. The pruned copper chips are stuck in the copper row burning place, and the epoxy resin is fixed after several kinds of epoxy resin. It can form a very high copper bond strength, and the furnace can be re-opened at this time.

For the second reason, the process of repairing the copper coil is as follows: tilting the furnace pour cast iron liquid, stopping the furnace, repairing the lining, then making the copper bar and sticking to the turnace. Compared with the traditional welding repair technology, the repair process also saves a lining and a large number of working hours and power.

Post time: Jan-04-2023