Five Maintenance Methods Of Induction Heating Furnace

Induction heating furnace in the processing if not pay attention to maintenance, some unnecessary trouble often occurred , the following simple analysis of several methods of maintenance medium frequency furnace.

1.Regularly remove dust from the power cabinet, especially the outer surface of the thyristor core. The frequency conversion device in operation usually has a special machine room, but the actual operating environment is not ideal in the process of melting and forging, and the dust is very strong. In the medium frequency furnace, the device is often close to the acid washing and phosphating equipment, and there are more corrosive gases. These will destroy the device components and reduce the loading. When the insulation intensity of the device is high, the surface discharge of components often occurs when a lot of dust is accumulated. Therefore, we must pay attention to clean work frequently to prevent failures.

2.Check whether the pipe joint is fasten firmly. When the tap water is used as the cooling water source of the device, it is easy to accumulate scale and affect the cooling effect. When the aging of plastic water pipes produces cracks; the intermediate frequency furnace should be replaced in time. When running in the summer, water cooling is often prone to condensation. The circulation water system should be considered. When the condensation is serious, it should be stopped.

3.Repair the device regularly and check and tighten the bolt and nut crimping of each part of the device. Contact or loose contact of contactor relay should be repaired and replaced in time. Do not use reluctantly to prevent more accidents.

4.Regularly check whether the wiring of the load is good, and whether the insulation is reliable. The oxide skin in the diathermy induction ring should be cleaned up in time. When the heat insulation lining is cracked, replace the intermediate frequency furnace in time. After replacing the new lining, the furnace should pay attention to checking that the load of the insulation frequency conversion device is located at the work site, and the fault is relatively high, but it is often neglected. Therefore, it is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of the device to strengthen the maintenance of the load and prevent the failure of the inverter.

5.When the cooling water quality is poor, the key parts of the equipment should be changed or cleaned regularly. For example, if the cooling jacket of the cooling cabinet is cooled, the cooling effect is not good and the SCR is easy to damage.

Post time: Jan-04-2023